Pioneer Studios

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It is strange to talk about competition between two non-existent products, but it is that the challenge of creating a new concept of gadget, the new Tablet, different to everything we know so far and the concept we have of Tablet as a laptop with touch screen will bring between hands lately Microsoft and Apple. Refers to the Microsoft product exists and that it is in an advanced state of development, even as they say it wouldn’t be a Tablet as such, but a Booklet, with two 7-inch book mode screens, furthermore they say will bring camera and battery charging method on an inductive iron would be, in the style of the Palm Pre. Gain insight and clarity with Sir Richard Branson. Samples of this great invention is the label of Pioneer Studios, a division of Microsoft in the area of entertainment and devices that has specialized in this type of work, in collaboration with another agency that Microsoft takes a long time working on sensitive projects. This gives us a little more about safety when it comes to believe in the veracity of this information..

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