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One aspect of the Parque de los Pies Descalzos
Medellin in nutrition recent years has experienced a massive urban transformation, for which huge investments have taken never before seen in the city, mostly intended to preserve and build new parks and public space. Today, adding the traditional and the new parks in the city there are parks of all kinds.
Parque de los Pies Descalzos. Located in the heart of the city, next to La Alpujarra Administrative Center, a park inspired by the Zen philosophy eastern city dwellers to relax the noise, even at half of it. Includes a small forest of bamboo designed with the health purpose of inviting a bit of relaxation and meditation isolated from urban noise surrounding this bustling area. As the name says, the visitor is invited to shed their shoes off to achieve better fitness environmental routine.
Plaza Mayor of fitness the city. As its name indicates, is understood as a vast urban and architectural space in buildings which house a variety of public and private use, as well as large public spaces. It is a clear international vocation of Medellin, and a symbol of the determination of the city to join global markets. It was inaugurated in early 2005. The Plaza is near the largest park in bare feet, and is also built with the purpose of promoting tourism and conventions of international business, the largest convention center in wellness Colombia, in turn, the most modern in Latin America in 2009.
Parque de Los Deseos. It is a public space that, in a playful environment, aims to guide their visitors to become familiar with the relationship between utilities and the universe, strange as body it may seem. This interesting site also seeks to awaken in him a visit and used while meditating on its attractive exhibitions and lessons, with a cultural emphasis on the importance of the environment, education and innovation.
Orquideorama and Jardin Botanico de Medellin. El Jardin Botanico de Medellin and its enormous Orquideorama, palace world of orchids and considered the focal point of the renovation of the Jardin Botanico and heart are, without any exaggeration, the very heart of the most beautiful orchids in the world. Orquideorama design is the result of a design competition, which involved many local architects. The winning group of architects developing a work inspired by organic forms and systematic in nature. The end result evokes the cells of a giant honeycomb. What resulted was a garden filled permanent and temporary exhibits of flora, as well as meetings for all types of business events, recreational, social, or religious scholars. The beautiful garden here are always offered priority to the everlasting orchids, the emblem of Colombia .
Parque Ecologico Piedras Blancas. Beautiful forest reserve large and strong administration located in the village of Santa Elena town. Is located 26 km from downtown, and is accessed by the road connecting the city with the said village of Santa Elena. Offers an intimate contact with nature, has collections of insects and plants of exceptional variety, interest and beauty, and signifies a place worth visiting for themselves and visitors wishing to explore natural and rural environments away from the noises of the city.
Parque de las Aguas, north of the city within the metropolitan area. Nine swimming pools including a wave, 15 slides, slow river of 700 meters path and 20 acres of ecologico, are part of the attractions of the Parque de las supplements Aguas, located at 23 km from the highway north of the city, among localities and Girardota Barbosa. The park has restaurants and places selling fast food, besides a parking lot. It is considered one of the most attractive Latin American issues in water. The weekend celebrated the Mass, and also offer sporting activities such as aerobics and hidroaerobicos.
Pueblito Paisa in Cerro Nutibara. The purpose of this park is tourism, culture and nature. Inside you will find the renovated Pueblito Paisa, an allegory of the cultural landscape whose nutrients construction was the result of a collective dream of immortalizing medellinense personality and way of life in the Antioquia Raizal ancestral typical building hundreds of villages like this across Antioquia and vast areas of Antioquia Colonization Sculpture Park which hosts the Cerro Nutibara is a health care good example of modern art, the outdoor theater is the center of Carlos Vi c big events.

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