One-Bedroom Apartments

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One-bedroom apartments, as opposed to flats larger area, in any case should not be overloaded redundant elements, which could reduce the already small space. For example, making repairs one-room apartment, very careful one should be in the choice of structural plaster and stucco. It is important not to overdo it and find 'middle ground'. Also, making repairs to a small room, it is desirable to use only materials of light tones that are able to visually push the wall, thereby increasing the room. Modern design apartment allows 'zonirovat' room, a room that is divided into several functional areas – bedroom, living room, the design projects a child's room, 'office', etc.

This is especially important if you live in a studio apartment a few people. After all, for peace of mind and balance so important to have your own area. In this If designers are advised to seek the assistance of special 'splitters'. The only rule: they must not be capital and enforceable, and light and soaring. . These included, for example, blind, through which can be designated berth. Piece of fabric or tulle on light rails, fixed on the ceiling, beautifully Zone the room. In addition, it is easy to solve the problem of solitude will competently of traps furniture.

Shelving can be well play the role of the dividing line between the living room and home office. Another example of a 'separator' premises – special partitions. Furnished our small hallway, designers are advised to give preference to the cabinet with the sliding doors and a huge mirror. Mirror, reflecting light, it will make any room much brighter and more spacious. In addition, the overall picture has successfully completed the well-chosen lighting: ceiling chandelier desirable supplemented by one or two lamps. Not for nothing that the designers in one voice say that a small studio apartment – this is not a reason to grieve. Repair is a one-room apartment provides an excellent opportunity to really test the most original design. And only depends on you to make your small apartment has a cozy nest, where every time you want to fly on the wings, dreaming of peace and solitude.

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