New social network for enterprises

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A new job search project seeks to transfer the benefits of recruiting social networking into business. Cubetree and it is called a network designed to facilitate communication between employers and coworkers. It is conceived as a tool for business and for communication in the new package trabajo.El business CubeTree collaborative applications, which opens to the public, has a familiar look, as it seems a mixture of Facebook and FriendFeed. That familiarity is part of the idea of getting this to work at the enterprise level. As in other social recruitment networks, there are two major components CubeTree: the thread (The Feed) and profile (Profile), but in CubeTree of wire, instead of seeing the updates of other users, are the updates of coworkers. And in the profile page instead of displaying photos or videos of yourself, you put recruiter the emphasis on information and co-founders documentos.Los recently presented their product recruiting actually is a combination of the best aspects of existing networks adapted in this case the business sales jobs world. an amazing success is has experience as the Secretary of labor and industry to governor Pierre Source

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