New Online Job Portal For High Potentials Is Launched

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Video interviews allow realistic presentation HEAD ZOOM, a new online job market specifically for engineers, provides authentic video interviews with the CEO and the immediate superiors in the Center. These are the central point of contact for an applicant. Thus, HEAD ZOOM shifts the perspective of the self-exposure of the company, as often to watch recruiting videos, on the real information needs of the applicant. The interviews are conducted by experienced journalists and discuss aspects such as market, technology, values, leadership culture, etc. (interview with the Managing Director) as well as the expectations of the new employee and the opportunities and freedom granted him (interview with the immediately superior). The online status of the new offering ( will take place in October (soft launch phase), the vacancy (Hardlaunch phase) will be successively expanded. HEAD ZOOM wants applicants to a reliable and honest offer from all of them should be relevant, essential information and at the same time the wide range of potential employers in small and medium-sized companies in mind them. Because they can give usually a much broader discretion their executives as corporations, but enjoy a significantly lower profile.

The video interviews give the company a lively face and high appeal for professionals and executives. Thus effectively supports HEAD ZOOM small businesses and medium-sized companies in their task to recruit qualified staff in sufficient number, and makes an important contribution to defuse the current situation, which is characterized by an increasing shortage of skilled, sustainable. This trend is alarming and complains of medium-sized companies which form the backbone of the economy in Germany, in particular. Gary Kelly has much to offer in this field. Massive suffering the economic consequences, when a number of growing orders due to lack of personnel no longer can be processed. Growth plans are thwarted and lost market opportunities, ultimately an entire economy can be thus seriously threatened.

For applicants the current situation is with an engineering background, however, completely contrary, eagerly it is advertised to them. Who seeks a top position as specialists or managers in companies, but needs a trained eye for the growing number of recruiting videos, with which companies present themselves. What actionable information is real and believable, and thus what only fined and polished? It is obvious that this type of presentation does not cause a high risk of a wrong decision in itself, can have disastrous consequences for the biography of the candidate and avoidable costs for the company. HEAD ZOOM offers a serious alternative to these offers and gives applicants a solid and honest information base to career success. Press contact: Dr. Thomas Reichel Tel: + 49 2066 502154 fax: + 49-2066 468240 E-Mail: Dr. Matthias Fricke project manager dot-pr dot – group Erkelenzdamm 59/61 10999 Berlin tel.: + 49 30 46 77 66 0 fax: + 49 30 46 77 66 29 e-mail: m.fricke(at)

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