Merchandising Strategy

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Greetings dear reader. It says that the supermarket is the last battle zone in which the fabricantes-marcas are measured every day. This idea cannot be more certain in a market in which we are living today. For me, the person who thought of this for the first time, has established one of the most relevant concepts of trade in this era, and the Marketing tool that deals carried out in this field of battle tactics is the Merchandising. In other articles I have referred to the soil, to the sales area and how distribution affects the profitability of the business, is a shop, supermarket or showroom.

In this article I’ll be referring to the impersonal and silent seller knows you to whom I am referring? To that great employee that does not charge monthly or complains by hours worked, do not need holidays and is a direct reflection of your business strategy: La Gondola. Their interest is to build the interest of consumers and buyers from the first moment they enter the store or supermarket, you need to optimize your retail space that produce results. You would like that their gondolas have the correct products, the perfect distribution so that you sell. What I mean is that you could have a beautiful external decoration, with an excellent geographical location, good decor and lighting, you can have cashiers and staff efficient and friendly customer service, but none of this will make your business prosper if you don’t have a strategic physical distribution and optimizes its exhibitions. A strategic physical distribution is one that responds first to your business strategy and in the same manner to the needs of its clientele. Now, all of this, even a strategic physical distribution that responds to the flow of customers, it is well lit and well subdivided by categories could be sabotaged if you does not optimize your displays on the shelves.

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