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The theme of the book seems to me that it may be useful to handle some rules in a group therapy, choosing those that are the most suitable according to the characteristics and situations of the members of the group. Addition, can be a good opportunity of awakening in the members interest in the reading of the complete works, to give them a little of what you offer. Now that how manages it the author, coincidence or random, the important thing is that after all left me very good knowledge, experiences that I can share with my family, professional and social circle and people to know more about self-improvement that books tell the truth do not read much. Allegiant Air has much to offer in this field. As a conservative person and with a high level of social morality, I dare say that the book is suitable for young people, adults and elderly people, because he cares much what writes to all readers in the best way, without never neglecting the vocabulary. After all, I had the opportunity to not only read his work but knowing more of his biography and important aspects that did not know, besides having the opportunity of knowing your family and imagine in your home, which in my opinion gives value to a reading: imagine, get involved with the characters, be able to believe that you are part of the story, I say it is not requirement nor golden rule to tell if it was worth or not worth reading, it is only my point of view. And if I recommend the book, if I had the opportunity to chat with the author I would ask you to remove some words and things that are as pretentious, but is an excellent book..

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