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When doesn’t see things properly, it is advisable to resort to a Service for LCD in Mendoza. There are an infinite number of devices that we use every day that have screens of quartz, from our PC, until the clock we carry on the wrist, our cell phone, and monitor virtually any appliance or electronic item that has a display that provides information. When we have any inconvenience with these delicate devices, do not have any choice to visit a warranty service, who knows how to solve the problem of these noble and resistant devices. There is a great history that very few people know about LCD screens. He ran the year 1887 when it was discovered that cholesterol extracted from carrots was neither more nor less than a liquid crystal; but let’s see what is a liquid crystal. It is a particular State of matter that combines properties of the solid and liquid state.

The molecules have freedom of movement, but it is limited. In 1936 the first patent that tries to get you create Party of the unusual characteristics of liquid crystals, being that the moment in which the Marconi Company patented a liquid crystal valve. In the 1960s, with the help of researchers from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, begin the first developments aimed at the manufacture of LCD screens as we know them today. The first LCD display was made for everyday use in 1972, it was the hand of Peter T. Brody, in the United States. Due to the constant technological developments applied to improve the definition and image quality, LCD screens have gained a great popularity. A great path has traveled since the first monochrome devices.

We currently see LCD screens capable of generating images with millions of colors, and a great visual depth, are accompanied by video and images in high resolution. LCD screens are lightweight and resistant, enduring scratches and bumps without pixels being damaged. However, it is common that in each million pixels, up to five pixels to failure. It seems not much, but for those who spend long days in front of a screen, the defect will be noticed immediately. In this case the solution is to resort to a Service for LCD in Mendoza, who will immediately replace or repair the damaged pixels, without losing image quality. Features of LG plasma screens Articles products PHILIPS in Mendoza: repairing defects of the DVDs by resorting to the service center for LCD in Mendoza

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