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Maintenance TACA Aeroman founded and owns a minority since operational control was sold to Air Canada Technical Services ACTS. Its CEO Ing Ernesto Ruiz has been in charge of this company for over 20 years. The leadership of Mr. Ruiz led consutruccion from a single hangar with 25 people at an impressive growth of more than 1,000 employees together with the construction of a new hangar “state of the art”, which together as Aeroman customers now have global name such as JetBlue, U.S. Airways, Southwest and other shops which many would like to have this customer MRO. It’s just good teamwork and the magnificent Salvadoran labor. Globalized world airline industry under one sky Ing Ruiz is the CEO of Aeromantenimiento SA and with a team of excellent workers continues to lead and further expand the horizons of Aeromantenimiento Aeroman is a maintenance base with certifications European civil aviation entities (JAA), Latin America (CAA, DGAC, etc..) and U.S. (FAA).Aeroman was one of eleven bases initial maintenance of Airbus MRO Network in the world and one of only three in Latin — Air Canada Technical Services Aeroman TACA, El Salvador and TIMCO Aviation Services, USA In Aeroman season classified as “heavy” (heavy), are made from light maintenance operations to check “D” that involve disassembly and testing of many of the airplanes Taca addition, other clients include Volaris Aeroman, JetBlue, and U.S. Airways.

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