Luis Javier Gaya

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Myriam Seco Interview published in El Correo de Andalucia, by Felipe Villegas’ What paint espanoles Egyptologists in the country of the pharaohs’ ‘Spain, from the calligraphy year 90, and especially since 2000, has increased the number of archeological missions with names like Die Mari Carmen Perez, Jose Manuel Galan and Jose Miguel Serrano, east of the University of Seville … And all the flags are being loud. ‘ And that thanks to the support of the Ministry of wall art Culture’ ‘Rather, thanks to the sponsors, because the Ministry is funding very little, really. Luis Javier Gaya (Madrid, February 10, 1962), Spanish painter and sculptor.
After two years studying at the School of Architecture in Madrid, studied the careers of Fine Arts. there is no expert better then inherited his father’s passion for buying and selling great works of art He graduated in 1987, specializing in restoration and in 1998 at the Painting. Two years later finish the doctorate courses.
In 1996 obtained the prize LXII Reina Sofia in the Salon d’Automne and was Geneva invited to join the board print art of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, where he was vice president until 2004.
Since 1996 is roman ancient part of the School of Figurative Painters of El Escorial (Madrid), art the year that is formed as an engraver in the workshop of Peter Arribas (Madrid).
He studies and works in Madrid and Rome, where he lived during different periods since 1987. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted in the year 2000-2001 scholarship from the Academy of Spain in Rome and the scholarship Fortuny of Venice.
He was also Fellow of the Diputaci n art prints Provincial de Segovia and the Department of Landscape, University Complutense of Madrid, with the Fellowship of the Paular, the Fundaci n Rodr guez-Acosta in Granada, the Fine Arts greek ancient Scholarship Castle of Soutomayor Diputaci New york n Provincial museum art de Pontevedra …
Also married to artist Blanca Munoz modern art de Baena, have two children.

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