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Serious problem enters some pupils of both the groups who demanded certain degree of interference and effort to correct. Difficulty was observed enters these pupils of if expressing in the written form, different of the verbal one that they did not demonstrate this difficulty, as well as did not demonstrate content difficulty. The same problem is focado in the orthography as acentuao lack, abbreviation of words or ortogrficos errors and serious verbal locutions. It was made corrections in all the activities and comments in elapsing of the texts, as well as demanded a small colloquy on the importance of if writing certain. In little time we observe an improvement in the grafia of all the pupils.

The evaluation of the contents understood discursivas and objective questions in complement of the intercalated diverse activities between the lessons, and a case study as closing of the subject. Figure 5 – Evaluation applied for the group Source: Juliano Lopes Da Silva The evaluation applied in the half of the period of training had the intention to verify the presence of abilities and to identify the causes of the difficulties of the pupils, to supply bases the future planning, to follow the learning to improve education. To evidence interests, necessities, difficulties and to use information to correct insufficiences or to strengthen successful behaviors. In the majority of the evaluations a good domain of the content on the part of the answers of the pupils observed itself, in the objective questions, the good interpretation of the pupils made with that they almost got success in the totality of the classroom, and in the opened question to express the opinion the respect to the future expectations, the pupils had known to relate particular opinions with contents studied until the moment, exactly what he expected. However, in this question, many pupils had not only answered, leaving blank or saying what they thought of the future without correlating with the studied content.

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