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She has also suffered from obsessive-compulsive states. Nevertheless, her health improved when the family moved to California. At 16, she graduated from high school and subsequently attended the drama school Atlantic Theater Company. Alba was interested in acting skills to five years. At age 12 years, she visited her first lesson on acting, and 9 months later signed a contract with an agent.

Her first appearance on screen was a small role in the film "Camp Nowhere" (1994). Initially, she was hired to for two weeks but her role turned into a two-month job. Alba appeared in two commercials for Nintendo and jc Penney, as well as starred in several independent films. Jessica became known to the public in 1994, Jessica's role in three episodes of the comedy channel Nickelodeon The Secret World of Alex Mack. Then she sang the role of Maya in the first two seasons of tv series "Flipper." In 1998, she appeared as Melissa Hauer in a first season episode of professional drama "Brooklyn South", as well as Leanne in two episodes of "Beverly Hills 90210" and the role of Laila in an episode of "The Love Boat." In 1999 she appeared in the comedy Randy Quaid's "Punks." After Jessica graduated from high school, She studied acting with William H.

Macy and his wife, Felicity Huffman in a theatrical studio Atlantic Theater Company, that Macy founded with the director and screenwriter David Mamet. Debut in Hollywood for actresses was romantic comedy "Never Been Kissed" and the horror-comedy "The Hand Killer" (1999). It was a breakthrough for the casting of James Cameron, who picked her out of 1.200 other contenders for the role of genetically engineered super soldier Max Glauvery in the television series "Dark Angel". During preparation for Dark Angel, Jessica was trained for three hours every day, began to starve yourself and become very thin. She admits that at the moment it may there were problems associated with eating disorders. The most famous roles Jessica Alba – choreographer in "Honey", an exotic stripper Nancy Callahan in "Sin City" and Sue Storm in the film adaptation of the comic book Fantastic Quartet and its sequel. She later starred in "Welcome to Paradise!" And "Good Luck Chuck." In 2006, Jessica has been leading the ceremony, mtv Movie Awards, and played a little parody of the movie "King Kong" "Mission: Impossible 3" and "The Da Vinci Code." In 2008 Jessica appeared in the horror film "The Eye", a remake of the original Hong Kong horror film, as well as in the movie "Anaesthesia." In June 2008, released a new film with her participation – "Sex Guru".

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