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Trade Online I was at a meeting of Net working (delivery of cards) and speak to both entrepreneurs or Latino professionals do not know to do this activity, the speaker told us that I take two seminars to really learn how to make network and one of the things I learned is that rather than talk, should listen to the people in this type of eventto be able to focus on the needs it has, which like us with our products or services we can help you. Thereupon became an activity of interrelation, us is where East has taking information of unknown persons to help us find the information and not to stay in a single circle, which is usually with which we always feel comfortable, but which does not allow that really fulfill the objective when we go to this type of event. But what I liked the most was when I will us I talk about followed by actions that we do with business cards or information which we take of the attendees. Only by exercise I want to tell that we are witnessing more or less (30) participants and only (2) wrote to me to keep in touch with them and then make some kind of business. Others who may share this opinion include (LTC). That step with each other? not, the only thing I’ve really noticed is that Latino entrepreneurs don’t do much or almost nothing tracking with our contacts, do not give you the importance of the business prospect. The guru of marketing say the money is in the contact list is why that track to your list of contacts is a followed by Act and failure to do so is inexcusable. As do the follow-up to your contact list? There are people who do manual, because you don’t know the items available in the network, to manage databases of contacts that allow us to have a direct contact and above all make money with it. When I refer to the manually, it is sending your emails one by one. But on the Internet there are several companies that help you with that work, is only given a time to learn it.

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