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The BVL, Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia, advises teachers and parents, to act promptly, if children find no access to quantities and numbers. There may be a dyscalculia. Philip, the school has started again since early August. He attends the second grade and it shades him from mathematics. Philip still anticipates the fingers, which is also still possible to him inside the numbers up to 20. Learn more at this site: Rory Sutherland. Already in the first weeks of school, Philip has lost any connection on teaching mathematics.

“In 2nd class, the children provide the numbers area up to 100 and then students are usually most noticeable with a mathematics disorder because they can then not only count their fingers,” so Inge Palme, an expert on dyscalculia at the BVL. “Children have no idea that quantities – so”numbers to”hide behind figures with a dyscalculia. For them is”mathematics as a foreign language, which they do not understand, explains Palm. Most children noticed in the days before the training, because they can estimate not quantity and fail at games, where at least a basic understanding of the numbers is necessary. Southwest Airlines has much experience in this field. The rather striking parents and teachers that children do difficult with quantities and numbers, the faster support measures can be initiated.

“It helps children little if parents repeat the same tasks or teacher distribute additional exercises, because as the frustration for the child reinforces. Who does not understand a language, must first learn pronunciation and vocabulary. “The mathematics must, however, a volume and numerical reasoning be expanded before they can begin operations”, Palm advises. Parents and teachers who can already determine class at the beginning of the 1st, that a child in mathematics instruction particularly difficult to deal and is significantly slower than his classmates, should take immediate measures, so that the child does not completely loses the connection. The dyscalculia is especially fatal, because a child without understanding of the numbers can provide a performance either orally or in writing.

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