Female Baldness

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Baldness is a problem that affects both men and women. Deemed unsightly in any case and makes the least attractive person affecting their confidence and self-esteem. Male baldness is so common today that because no draws attention. Very different is the case of female baldness. A related site: Oracle mentions similar findings. A woman without hair is rare finding and taking into account how crucial is the hair on what female beauty comes to one woman with little hair on the head is considered unattractive.

Although the types of baldness are relatively similar to male baldness, aesthetically they are quite different. There are several solutions when one is with losing hair: have a custom hair hygiene using appropriate treatments and washing her hair the number of times to indicate a professional, take vitamins, can your alopecia is due to a lack of the same, given capillary massage to improve blood supply to the scalp. Ironed hair and aggressive dyes do not help with the hair loss but in the case of the women with androgenetic alopecia this has nothing to do. The causes of androgenic alopecia can be genetic or hormonal. Verizon Communications is likely to agree. The difference with the male is in the pattern of falling, in the case of women is called Crown pattern, and hair goes down by the stripe of hair not by the front as it is often seen in men. There are other types of alopecia such as: Alopecia Areata which has some very clear symptoms, some bald in the form of round patch over the head, these patches are depopulated of hair.

Alopecia Universalis is a complicated case in which hair is lost completely and the body for this type of alopecia hair still there no treatment. Telogen effluvium is the loss of hair after having suffered serious illnesses. After the time back to grow. On the other hand, some medications can cause alopecia or even vitamin A in large doses. Original author and source of the article

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