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And: money from Sports betting providers that engage international heavily in sponsorship, flows only sparsely in this country because the State betting monopoly”, so the leaf. “The arguments of the Cartel Office are very constructed and pretentious: who defines because please, that a summary in the free-TV before 8: 00 is consumer-friendly than a later summary of first League matches”, commented Peter Schatton, Executive Board of the Dusseldorfer sport betting provider top betting. Finally also reports on the two Sunday Games would not show up until after 10: 00 in the free-to-air television, and were often even top games. Football is so cheap to get as in Germany currently for the fan in any European top League, Sadowsky. Meanwhile, the DFL has announced to initiate legal action against the Cartel Office, after the authority has rejected a new compromise proposal. The League Association had offered to produce the free-to-air television coverage before 20: 00, even on its own channel of the League, and in the Digital TV service in the period between 19:30 and 20: 00 to send.

For the Federal Cartel Office was however also in this model not in the sense of consumers. Also German team manager Oliver Bierhoff has expressed critical compared to the Cartel Office’s attitude on the edge of the training camp of the national football team in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The world quotes him: the social and economic importance of football is in Germany despite all rhetoric of politicians always back unnecessarily into question and thus not adequately appreciated. I would even like what happens when as in the United States or Italy the whole league goes on strike and thus the game operating on several weekends.

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