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Everyone knows what the RSS, and certainly, many have received and receive subscriptions in the mail. So is there any difference, and what are the advantages of each technology? Let's talk about this with the position of the subscriber and Internet marketer. Reader's Choice begin with Ancient subscribe to e-mail. This technology is almost as old as the concept of e-mail. Subscribe to the materials you are interested in the post, you have two options: 1) On the site you liked, if there is a sign-up form, 2) On special services, such as Subscribe or Content.Mail, which brings together a large catalog subscriptions on various topics.

I think a reader E-mail subscription is not very convenient. Often, you do not really know what the sign up, eventually to your mailbox may come trash. Then, when you signed up already at a fairly large number of subscriptions that you expect a mess – instead of useful materials, a high probability of getting to 40 spamoobraznyh emails a day. Another important point – usually, people do send, not because of enthusiasm, but because it is a great tool for internet marketing, that is, roughly speaking, it happens that the subscription solid advertising, where you try something vparit, particularly not worrying about what's not bad to give some more useful information. Of course, not all authors want you to subscriptions, something to sell, often sending plant to drive traffic to your website. In this case, in fact, readers sent announcements, where the posts are invited to proceed to the original site for complete information.

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