Czech Republic

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So ended our night, the night of the torches, Mr Zepol. Do you think, indeed, that someone will support our extraordinary experiences? Call me liar, liar, exaggerated though I possess a positive witness: my comrade Naybet, told me. Nobody will propagate these insults against you and the dog, muchachote, I told him. You’ll serve you a ploy that never fails. I gave, trumpets, disseminates all and each one of the images which you have witnessed. Everything is so wonderful, it should certainly not be silent. But do it as if it were a game, IE, nor lie nor even the truth you describe, not explain even dialogues tell your teacher, if possible, put I a small writing – like duties for House-: a story.

Well, as such narrative your imagination will take rein to be able to elaborate, and as well, the whole world will know yours unique and unrepeatable experience. Speak of your story, no one will believe it but everyone will be spokesmen of the same, everyone will be spokesmen for the night of the torches l.This was a dream that could become a reality. If my dreams they speak of many things we know! And they talked about my dreams and told me: things in Europe not went us too well, as a consequence of not Dutch and French to the Constitution of the union_europea (U E), and now, as if out shortly, USA.UU. he intends to mount a missile platform in areas of Poland, settling a radar system in the Czech Republic – this Assembly, presumably, for protection of the United States of America and Europe. I.e. with this future claim can be put in danger-always latent-, a new threat of cohesion among European countries. Now, however, come to the fore old nationalisms extremists that we do not recognize them as fully rational, while in how proposed recognition only of members of his ethnic group.

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