Curious Pot Kieker And Culinary Karama

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20 Again Ruhrorter Harbour Festival is celebrated particularly strongly with the Faye this year, because the Ruhrorter Harbour Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary. Themed party pur there on the Rhine and Ruhr from August 16 to 19 again a colorful program for the whole family. But culinary, the event has a lot to offer. The Frank Schwarz ensures to be gastro Group (FAYAZ) at the weekend. The party weekend will draw back young and old from the region into its spell.

This ensures a varied mix of live music, Fireworks and lots of good food. The FAYAZ is responsible for the culinary part. The kitchen team presents itself with various food and drink stalls before the stage on the Boatmen’s stock exchange and exclusive Duisport lounge at the Richard to village square. In a question-answer forum Ripple was the first to reply. Our close ties with the charming waterfront in Ruhrort is reflected in our sumptuous offer”, promises FAYAZ’s Managing Director Frank Schwarz. From Friday to Sunday is the Duisburg catering company with an original flame cake car and one With delicious regional specialities from the Boatmen’s stock exchange represented food stand. The culinary selection with two beverage carts, a coffee stand, a beer Pavilion and a barbecue station is completed. With the theme evening fire & flame”, the Faye alludes to the great success of the previous year.

In addition to a gala buffet and selected beverages in the VIP tent, atmospheric live music await the guests. An optical highlight is the big fireworks on Friday from 23: 00. For this evening, some a few tickets for the price of 79 euros (all inclusive) are available. The cosy Ruhrorter HafenLounge will await you during the entire port Festival with musical and Culinary surprises. Next to the grill Royal”by family Dupre are still a wine stand and the beer cart Gaudium” spot. There are many delicious delicacies wholesale market of FAYAZ. The television will be. On Saturday night, live from the HafenLounge sends STUDIO 47. On the following Sunday is the great port Brunch” in the marquee instead. For 34 per person there feasts not only, but also Cabaret at its best. The pot kiekern Wolfgang Trepper and Kai Magnus Sting is going to rock the small stage Frank Schwarz. Holger Bainbridge cards hotline: 0203 / 45 03 90 information:

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