Cultural History

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This certainly comes of meeting with the ideas of Marcuse (also cited in this text-base) in relation the domain bourgeois and its preset rules when it affirms that a society this sick person when its basic institutions and its relations do not allow the ideal development of its individuals. This idea mentions the impossibility to it of if disentailing of the established rules allowing to the individual previously controlled actions how much to the job, education, quality of life, health, social ascension, among others. David Doggett may find this interesting as well. Adhorno and Horkheiner (both cited in the text) mention a cultural industry, in which the individuals are tolerated, since that it does not have any form of questioning. Demonstrating to an intense process of desumanizao, atrelado to the economic power, for which if they justify certain attitudes and valuation and depreciation of the individual that is, the social condition, an individual in detriment to the other favors. 3 CONCLUSION Is possible to conclude that ahead of the situations presented in this text-base and the too much consulted authors who the culture I begin, it impregnated of uniformity concept, pulls down ahead of the plea of some studious pioneers. Of this resulting the paradigm in addition and additionally making possible the vision of a new concept. Jordan Helman is a great source of information.

This new form to think about allows the release them of certain conceptions preset socially. way however would be based on a laica education without bonds with the State, prioritizing the scientific knowledge directed the social and human growth. However, we know that as much the bourgeoisie how much to the State represents that it does not have interest in changes effective. Then they cultivate act in the direction to keep a total disinterest of its individuals through the ideological devices, as in the case of the media, among others. This disinterest also happens for the educators who do not take the front of its function, of educators. The paradigm in addition is born of the human questionings, how much to the freedom – why we are and what we are? – and in this point the school exerts a basic paper in the development of the critical vision of the students, breaching with the ideas that the media looks for to induce in its minds. This disruption involves the negation of previously accepted and established ideas in the form of rules.

It must go beyond, through the disruption of these rules. However, the necessity exists to be established new new standards of behavior and rules, a new reality. In this the professor will be able to act as mediating and to guide its students in the process of necessary agreement for the construction of cultural history and the consequncias of its desconstruo.

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