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Happy birthday, mark Fox! The character Fox Studio”celebrates one-year anniversary! With the publication of the Web site, the Group of artists sign Fox opened “on the 20.09.2012 their doors to the public.” A new forum for realistic drawing grew out of a simple vision of two young artists for several months of intensive organization. Since the September of the previous year, interested parties from all over Germany can convert their favourite photos in high quality pencil drawings. The offer was accepted with enthusiasm. In a very short time followed a Facebook – and GooglePlus presence that could establish itself quickly to popular communication channels on the Internet. There, new portraits and/or promotions will be published at regular intervals. The “sign”Fox could already count multiple satisfied customers in the first year which have placed their pictures with him or given away to the delight of their fellow human beings. Thanks to a general price reduction of 20% is a period of one month each art prospects via pronounced. Background information, in Cologne-Ostheim the Art Studio is Mark Fox”for a year now is home.

Detailed pencil drawings of various kinds are created here in laborious hand work. The customer determines the subject of drawing with his photograph skillful to. Greatest popularity enjoyed so far person portraits, no matter whether it is a person or a double portrait. Larger groups were commissioned numerous (such as, for example, the image of an entire family). Animal motifs such as dog portraits, cat portraits but also drawings of horses were also very popular.

Doing some creative collagen, complex landscape motifs, nudes, and whole trees were among the original orders in the first 12 months. The commitment of the character Fox”especially boasts a rapid processing of the images. The wishes of the interested parties be analyzed before an order confirmation. Are the portraits, which are not possible due to an unfavorable photography Art prospects not invoiced. A consultation in advance is completely free and can happen by telephone or e-mail. The contact is in fact directly with the artist. Also without annoying call center service is in principle a 24 h-hour availability for any (re) ask ensured. Standstill is never particularly beneficial projects for the coming year. Also we the characters Fox”want to continue to grow with our tasks. An extension of the product range is planned. Acrylic painting will be here in a few weeks a permanent place. In addition to the pure pencil drawing also charcoal drawings will be 2014 can be ordered. Furthermore, the expansion of the individual animal categories with another exciting example images and some additional information about the drawings is planned. The character Fox”should be in the coming year more than ever for high-quality art from Cologne. In addition to the pure order painting, thus also a shop online will go, where the individual artists and their individual Creativity Web community can give. “20% Discount to the birthday as a small thank you for the many jobs from last year, awards the artist group sign Fox” all up including pencil drawings to the 20.10.2013 ordered a discount of 20% on the price of the image. The discount is automatically granted when paying. The customer needs to do this no coupon codes, etc. The offer is combinable with other coupons. It also applies to the gift of the artist group.

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