Counting Pennies

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“… I’m counting pennies.” Do not despair, my dear entrepreneur. The way we build our success to hard work and patience. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. When we raised the goal to achieve not rest! Although this does not mean that we live in a bubble and we like nothing is happening here. We must reinforce these points: – Rereading our business purpose.

Reveamos order not overlook this to find out that despite all, we are on track. Consider whether there are adjustments that can help improve the current situation. And focus on the benefits that await us down the road. – Persevering: nothing happens overnight. There are no magic bullets, but sometimes we want them to sell. Only through work, dedication, effort, passion, conviction, planning, evaluation, adjustments and everything will be back again.

Curb the urge to grow the business. Why should I?! This is what you want to do, his passion. – Reviewing the achievements so now. Although you might think are small enough to be considered, I say: Think of them! Now that and managed to lose much of value? Why?! They are still valuable. And probably have cost as much as the cost to materialize now. Only a matter of time, stand firm in the objectives and make necessary adjustments. – Meet with peers. Quit! No lock. There are a couple out there that can offer help, from listening – which is something, I assure you – to lend a hand. It is more to you will help them in other problems, why not find a creative way to both get out of the scrape. No matter if today is counting pennies or millions. You are worth more than all the money in the world. Allow yourself the opportunity of a lifetime. It is close and a few step. Do not hold up now that is about to arrive. Transform this time a space to generate alternatives, double your energy, strengthen the business and doing new things … out of this funk!

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