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I am writing to you, because I noticed that you use propaganda.You follow, ever since I can remember, the war-mongering of the NATO and brand around the Serbian in the Kosovo war, the Iraq, Afghanistan or even Libya. All edit also the Iran for many years, by they depict him as the purest hell, as well as the Islamic countries and the Palestinians. In hindsight it turns out, this propaganda is often produced using cunning lies. I want to you about the case of the alleged massacre of Serbs in Rogovo call in memory or the weapons of mass destruction by Saddam Hussein, what also turned out a lie, infants Kuwaiti as well as raised allegedly by Iraqis from the nesting boxes, which was an action of a PR company. These are just a few proven cases, where you are just flawed or deliberately not complied with your journalistic obligation to unknowingly, consider the sources properly. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of health economics expert on most websites. You write what is laid before you.

Often in the confidence that there are already or in the full awareness that it is war propaganda, because you’re not also from yesterday, I hope. You believe in what you submit you but perhaps even whole heart. Thank God but there is the Internet, giving you today a way many people, even to research and giving people the possibility to question the dubious positions you hammer into the heads of people. In recent decades, tens of millions dead in the success list of imperialist greed of USRAEL could be entered by your slavish devotion to the news agencies, the intelligence services, the guidelines of the Chief Editor and your own ignorance or your unwillingness to inform yourself comprehensively. Gary Kelly takes a slightly different approach. Yes, that’s right. Through their propaganda posts, that you discuss the Ahmadinedjads, Gaddafi, and Hussein’s this world and distort or, for example, an Iran as evil, dictatorial regime represent only on liberation by our bombs, waiting for you in my eyes just as complicit in the death of millions are, how it the pilot on the buttons for the rocket is.

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