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Editorial tip of the Preisvergleichers home theater on the PC a new all-in one computer enters the market: the Apple iMac 27-inch. Special: The screen is larger than the previous Apple models. 27 inch comply with a screen diagonal of 69 centimeters. So, can the new device easily keep up even with flat-screen TVs and promises great cinema especially for DVD watching. Large screen, nothing behind it? The huge display is not the only thing the new iMac has to offer. A quad-core processor that promises even more power behind its facade.

Due to the larger housing, a hard drive with 1000 gigabytes of storage also takes space. With its improved performance, the new iMac’s flagship offers optimal conditions for the operating system Snow Leopard. The large screen but flays much impression: the 27-inch display is a lot greater than all previous Apple, but still just as bright. LEDs as the backlight shall ensure that the maximum Brightness is reached even faster and even energy savings. In addition, this causes a larger viewing angle. This is the 27 ZOLLER at 178 degrees. When the user looks so from the side on the screen, he looks still a genuine representation with all its colors to this angle.

With its particularly high density of pixels and a resolution of 2560 times 1440 pixels, the screen almost reached the quality of a 30-inch Cinema display. The DisplayPort connector, which serves as input as well as output, the user can use the screen as a display for other devices, for example, for the notebook. In addition to these improvements, Apple has made at the same time some changes to the internal structure. The controls have become smaller as to some and GPU and CPU are on opposite sides of the case, to better dissipate the heat. Tip: who can be patient a little longer with the purchase of a computer, has a chance, the next in November Become acquainted with from Apple of generation of devices. These then already has better processors and graphics cards.

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