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We are in a park. They are six in the afternoon. Although it is winter, spring-like weather. I love these days; the air is clean and fresh, and the colors of the sky and Earth have the intensity of things that are born to life. My bike is sleeping and I took many hours doing nothing. I see the world in front of me go.

Without giving me just there, I became one object of this place, as the stone bench where I’m sitting. A woman passes by my side: is very fast, with the strained face, pants, – would seem that flees from the passage of time or the past-. An old man approaching: walk slowly, very carefully. Drag your feet and his eyes stare at the floor, as if you were learning to decipher the mystery of that land that one day, not too distant, will return. A musician plays the accordion under a statue. Next to the fountain, a little further, the lady who throws the cards has the face and hands swollen, tanned by the cold and bad weather. Resting on the railing of the Lake, a camel beckons to a kid who is approaching.

Their hands touch a moment. He that sells waffles and the crazy smile and watch the sky. The suicidal meditates and understands that he would never kill. Sitting between a little wilted flowers, a lonely kid expected the miracle of a kiss that will make you vibrate. Women, elderly and children parents. Vagabonds who one day lost their direction. The murmur of water and Breeze, Lake tents that his eyes seem to look to the vacuum. Silence and noise, voices the world. My world. My senses become impregnated from him. Time passes. The Sun is setting. I feel that the wheel of life has revolved in a way gone mad one day, and shrugs me heart. A heady sense of contemplating the speed with which changes everything, while my soul remains lost in a time without time that knows to eternity. I look at my bike: dear friend, we have to go a little further. A life begins at each step. A wonderful life. Terrible and chaotic at times, but always a fascinating life. Life is a mystery that must be lived with all intensity. Friend bicycle, do you understand? There is so much hope at this moment.

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