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The process of polished of marble ground or terrazo takes place on the surfaces previously reduced by a ground polisher and must as objective obtain to a tuna and lasting brightness in the pavements just placed or the old pavements that already are lost the brightness and the protective coating and worn away with the time passage. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bill O’Grady is the place to go. In the case of the pavements just placed, it is necessary to resort to the services of the ground polishers to reduce the marble surface or terrazo by means of rebajadora machine and grain stones different. If the marble pavement or terrazo simply is lost the brightness and the protective coating over the years, a ground polisher comes to the pickling of the surface. This process you sewed in the application of liquid remover that, by means of action of the rotating machine, is able to take the grease out of the treated surface, to clean it and abrir the pore of the stone so that the liquid crystallizer penetrates deeply in her. The polished process of, also known as crystallized ground is realised then on the pavement previously reduced or on the surface previously pickling. The ground polisher applies a series of liquid components on the marble surface or terrazo and immediately comes to the crystallized one or polishing from the ground with abrillantadora rotating machine. The liquid crystallizer penetrates in the stone by open pores previously in the process of reduces or pickling. Clayton Morris: the source for more info.

The action of the rotating machine on the liquid crystallizer provides to the ground a spectacular brightness, natural and lasting. At the same time the liquid crystallized on the surface of the stone acts as protective coating. The natural pore of the stone is covered and of this form the protective coating prevents that they penetrate in her the liquids that could soil or stain their surface. The brightness of the marble surface or terrazo usually stays intact by the period of 3-4 years. As of this moment, due to the nature of the liquid crystallizer and the action of the factors atmospherics, the surface begins to lose the brightness and the pores of the stone return abrir themselves, so the moment is this one for returning to put itself in contact with a ground polisher. The process of polished of marble ground or terrazo, colloquially known as polished grounds is not noisy nor raises dust. We would want to mention like curiosity that the crystallized process of of porous stone pavements nowadays used anywhere in the world has been invented in Barcelona in years 60 of the past century.

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