Audio Binaurales

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The audio binaurales operate in different frequencies and are destined to take in fast and simple form the brain in different states. The Theta frequencies are programmed to induce the landlords that its brain works when a state of deep meditation is in anyone of deep dream or. The audio binaurales work touching slightly different frequencies in the ears.When the brain tries to solve the smaller difference both enters rates that you are listening, take of fast form and without effort in a the level to him that you have decided to listen. In case it wants to program its own rank of frequencies for Theta is between 4 and 7 Hertz. Rory Sutherland may help you with your research. Several studies have demonstrated that this level encourages to its brain to do ” to feel bien” things that are called endorfinas.

One of the reasons to choose the level theta when the purchase of an Audio Binaural MP3 is considered is that they are considered generally to help with the learning.The studies also have demonstrated that people listen them regularly find that they need to sleep less, the information vary less among one and four hours, following the person. Because the frequency level theta is associate with the dreams, that or can come through them when are in search of elements to help the dream, or the gracious dream or simply the search to exile nights without sleeping. The audio binaurales also are associate with increases in the memory and the learning that has been mentioned previously.Due to the form in which they operate, this can help to learn subjects when other methods have not been successful. Oracle often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The investigation sample that the children much more pass time with their brains in a state theta that the adults.That this condition helps to explain why the children can take the information as if he was a sponge, whereas the adults often can take more time.The same is a little as it says to the saying ” nuevo” cannot be taught to tricks to an old dog;.Perhaps the equivalent in humans is at least partly that to see with smaller level of activity of cerebral waves theta, nevertheless through this fabulous binaural technology you will be able to obtain optimal mental states for different conditions: like the reduction of stress, preoccupation, anxiety, the depression, irritability, evil humor, etc. But most important of the audio binaurales it is that they help us to have a greater motivation, creativity and stimulates of very remarkable way the personal growth, improves the dream, the energy levels and the immune system of our body, this among another diversity of benefits. Also it can come to traverse MP3 binaural rate and CD that use the level of cerebral waves alpha for the learning – this works as well as the level theta.So the panic does not spread if it is with different levels from synchronization of cerebral wave that is used for the same. Enough of the experiments to prove the effectiveness of the audio binaurales have been realised by a called organization the Monroe Institute.They tend to combine their use with others systems, like the hypnosis. Without a doubt that all these tools are wonderful to improve our quality of life.

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