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The word emotion comes from the latin emovere which means movement. In psychology it is used to describe a reaction or State of mind characterized by organic concussion subsequent to the impressions of the senses, ideas or memories. You can also say that emotions are the result of a subjective, such as memory, the Association or the introspection process. They say investigations that three primary emotional reactions are anger, love and fear, because they sprout as immediate response to an external stimulus and have a clear Adaptive function. The American behaviorist psychologist John Watson was revealed in a series of experiments that young children are already susceptible to these three emotions and subsequent emotional reactions may influence learning in our childhood. We learn to feel one thing fear or love to other and generate conditioned patterns and neural circuits that favour them. Whatever the chosen definition and what you think about the origin of emotions, it is clear that most of the times, an emotion comes from an assessment that is made of something they are seeing or what we are thinking. Although sometimes we are not aware of what we are feeling or which are some of our thoughts, since at that time they are working autonomously and involuntary, our internal evaluation is generating relaxation, smile, warmth, or tachycardia, muscle tension, breathing why make us suffer the emotions? Some years ago, one of those cold days of winter that snow covered mountain, Techu slipped the car into a plate of ice very near our House.

Everything happened in seconds, the car is drawn sharply giving lurches between a cliff overlooking the sea on the left and a compact wall of stone to the right. In an instinctive Act of survival he opted to turn the handwheel toward the wall to avoid the experience of vacuum. The impact you It generated a series of minor fractures and many bruises that healed in a few months.

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