Alberto Kings

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– He feels yourself, makes the favor. I go to inform my woman that we have visit. Vicente took off the ammunition of the weapon and hung it in the wall, on the fireplace. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sensaterra by clicking through. While the man if removed, Jorge ahead postou of a bookshelf repleta of books. There he had books of jardinagem, cattle, romances of classic authors, some rare ones. A volume was of the place on one cmoda. Jorge caught it and read the heading: ' ' Chains of the time. Of Tibrio Antibes.' ' Vicente came back immediately afterwards, bringing a folder of blue bristol board.

– Vera is not if feeling well and asks for excuses for not being able to go down to compliment it. But, I go to use to advantage its presence to show a thing to it. Vicente removed a sheet of paper of the folder and extended on cmoda. After that it caught the book and placed it in the bookshelf. He turned himself toward Jorge, saying: – This is one of the works of a friend mine, Alberto Kings, who died in the last year. Alberto was bachelor in mathematical physics and was developing a theoretical work that left incomplete. I found that Mr. I eat physicist, could understand what it was making.

I worked with it as assistant, but I did not obtain to complete this formula! Jorge read the manuscript quickly. – The theory of Lacombe! – This! It knows it to Mr., then? – Yes. It is the theory of the planetary orbits and its relation space-time. – You it can complete the formula? – Yes, it does not have doubts. Vicente extended to a pencil the Jorge. – The favor Makes. It asked for. Jorge did not see nothing excessively in that order. The formula was not complex, but the meaning of the equations would need a deeper analysis.

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