Agns Heller

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It does not matter what it was made: it is treated to see what if fazer&#039 can; '. In this context, the humanists had not been only passive repeaters, as the notion of emulation and imitation of the old ones. These had also collated the old ones. This change of perspective on the man and its history based a new to look at on its place in the nature, associating it at that time to the experience of the diversity, the new contacts with different societies and values. The entire world ' ' it is known and all the races of the men. The men can change its inventions freely and now help themselves reciprocal in the necessities, as the one inhabitants same cidade' '. The effectiveness of the material factors and the mechanical inventions? the press, powder, compassing etc.? they seemed to dictate the necessity, for the renascentistas thinkers, of whom the progress in the theories did not remain ' ' atrasado' ' with regard to the arts and to the conquest of the world. Science would be then capable to raise the nature human being to the perfection.

The new discovered comments and the news had placed the man in a dynamic movement, in which to know the nature meant to know itself exactly. According to Agns Heller, it is then in the infinitude of the world that if of the o character without limits of the knowledge capacity and potentiality human being. The philosophy of the old classics and its proper civilization sketch its limits in the world of values where they had lived. The modern scientific company searched a way different that implied in the capacity of looking at the world without guides (the old ones), a time that the world of that time was different of the Antiquity. As Paschal, the fact to know the nature more than what they knew allows to the adoption of new vises and opinions without ungratefulness, we can affirm the opposite of what they said, without contradicting them.

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