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Christmas Time

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For true Christians Christmas means to commemorate the birth of Jesus de Nazareth. For this reason, the days of Christmas could be days of internal recollection, thinking in depth why Christ became man and confronting his great teaching with our way of thinking and living. Therefore the co-regent of the Kingdom of God took an earthly suit for how Jesus de Nazareth, carry out a great task. As Jesus grew was being prepared in silence for your task. The son of God being Jesus learned a profession with Jose, his earthly father, leading to the practice so the prays and works. Jesus was a Carpenter until the task that brought from the Kingdom of God became alive in him. When Jesus became adult, his heavenly father sent to men as the all-time greatest Prophet. He instructed and taught to persons, who were impressed by his simple words and even more by his talent, his works, which many were salvation and healing and testimony that gave God and by God.

What us he taught? He taught us to step s the ten commandments and the Sermon on the mount. He taught us the love of neighbor and he lived giving us example of this, but above all he brought the message of God’s love for us human beings, their children. Then why is it so noisy Christmas time and stressed out if is this the holiday of love? Ask us: who has ridiculed the birth of the son of God? Us fans of Jesus de Nazareth affirm that it was and remains the priestly caste. Certainly for many people, it is impossible to continue believing in the birth of the son of God, because the great event has been ridiculed with a multitude of external things as figures of the Nativity, pesebritos, children’s carols and things like. But the followers of Jesus de Nazareth wish to recall that Jesus, the great spirit, was crucified and risen.


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One of the most famous interpreters of reggaeton is Tito El Bambino, who these days has been doing a lot of productions for all their fans who see in this representative of the above-mentioned pace one of its best exponents because the versatility of his compositions, as well as the constant renewal that makes his subjects and their improvisations on stage and in his most recent musical deliveries. Former member of the famous duo’s reggaeton Hector y Tito, decided to undertake his solo career at the end of the year 2006 with the support of the public who saw it grow along with former teammate of battle, giving him the necessary recognition with the premiere of his production debut Top Of the Line. In it, Tito El Bambino explores the deepest Reggaeton roots, that accommodates your particular style of singing and presentation to the achievement of a new way of seeing the genre that has done so recognized. Runs and dile, Sonsoneo, Mia (where does presentation with Daddy Yankee), your waist (along with Don Omar) and Flow Natural (combination with Beenie Man and Devani), were some of the most outstanding productions of this release that began to consolidate the name of Tito El Bambino within the musical scope Reggaeton. Presentations, recognitions and great collaborations with other colleagues did Tito El Bambino one strong Reggaeton names, at the same time that consolidated his own clothing brand, T Bambino, characterized by commercializing the look that characterizes the atmosphere of reggaeton with its particular shirts, pants known Court informal and accessories such as sunglasses, blings blings and chains. This facet helped him, in addition to gaining a considerable source of income, to consolidate its name as a versatile brand that just could move under the strata of the fashion and music without any problem. And Titus seems don’t know stay still, because the following year of its launch debut was with a new production called Its My Time, of which we can highlight cuts such as Fans, La Busco, En la Disco and Sun, beach and sand. To broaden your perception, visit Lisa Scullin. This season, Tito El Bambino has released his latest album El Patron with different melodic tests, of which already are considered almost classics of reggaeton release you, Mi Cama Huele a Ti, grasp it and Under..

Jesus Rafael Riquez

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And continuing with the text of the institution Leonistica called science and its characters, dedicated to Arnoldo Gabaldon, on the same page, says: in one of many submissions, the young Arnold is a text on protozoa and then begins its concern for these tiny animals that it would, later, to devote himself to the research of malaria or malaria and to fight hard in the affected areas of the country. Primary school and high school culminates them in the hometown, the latter at the federal College of males. Personality demure, good treatment, polite, of the use of the word only when it is necessary. It is interested in studies of protozoans in books such as the natural science of Ernst H? ckel, also takes readings of history and philosophy. He was 15 years old when you enter in 1924 to the Central University of Venezuela to study medicine, as the Chair of Natural history which would have been his preferred place by his vocation is not in service. Learn more at: Allegiant Air.

The medical school has teachers from the likes of Enrique Tejera, Luis Razetti and Jesus Rafael Riquez who exercised in a marked influence. In 1928 he qualified Bachelor in philosophy at the Central University of Venezuela, entered as internal hospital Vargas de Caracas until 1930, occupies a position in the laboratory of bacteriology and Parasitology which was under the direction of Dr. Enrique Tejera, which belonged to the General direction of national health, was then promoted to bacteriologist to the graduating Doctor of medical science (1930) at the same University. In the laboratory analyzes 200 fecal samples and arrives to discover some protozoa unknown in the country, this makes his Doctoral thesis. Writes his thesis for the doctorate in medicine on intestinal protozoa, since he could not investigate on malaria because in Caracas did not exist (Gottberg, C., 1987, 32). The intent of the novel doctor was the of tackle to the study of the disease that is decimating the population of your country where there were no media nor was terrible malaria scientific knowledge at your fingertips.

Moses Mendelssohn

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Liberal Judaism. In a question-answer forum Bernard Golden was the first to reply. Moses Mendelssohn, a Jew of the 18th century ensured that Jews should lean to Western culture. Well Jews of the 19th century assimilated the ideas of Moses Mendelssohn, whereas the idas outdated beans and believe in a Messianic age of Universal Brotherhood. Morality Jewish: this founded and guided by the ten commandments. They are in the text Bible in exodus Chapter 10 verses 3 to 14 and the Foundation in Leviticus that we find three large parties: 1. law of sacrifices chapters 1-8 2.

Law pertaining to the pure and the impure chapters 11 15 3. Law of Holiness chapters 17-26 take one of the laws that the ancient Jews followed the sacrifice for sin, in accordance with Chapter 4 verse 22 if u encounter a boss to sin, doing without realizing some of the many things that prohibits Lord crime will bring as an offering a male cabrio and degollara in the place where the Holocaust is sacrificed in the presence of Lord this us en route to understand the form of worship Jewish the Jewish worship the different forms of worship of the Jewish people are manifested in important holidays such as: Sabbatii (Saturday) the seventh day of the Jewish week sanctifies the week, Jews attend synagogues for prayer and the reading of the Torah. Yom Kippur. Connect with other leaders such as Lisa Scullin here. It is the day where end ten days of auto review and Penance which begin with the new year Jew who falls in September (Rosh hashanah) Hanukkah. During this period which usually takes place in December light candles, in a course of eight days in commemoration of independence Jewish of the Persians and the Greeks and the rededication of the Jerusalem temple there are several customs of the people of Israel, as the Covenant of Abraham, which consists in circumcision of children d eight days old, or Bar Mitzvah, which is when the young more than thirteen years more one day Gets the religious and legal maturity.

With this brief essay, we find that in an ancient and modern religion as the Jewish elements that compose it (Dogma, worship and) moral) constitute in substance of its existence. I will say that if one belief, it possesses the above elements, it can be defined as a religion. But if one of them is missing, it does not fit into the definition of religion. It is the case of atheism that owns dogmas as starting from the axiom of the nonexistence of God or gods. It has a Moral as the moral acts are performed, not by love no higher being, but out of love for humanity itself. Atheism, does not possess a form of worship because they don’t have a God to worship. Meanwhile it is not religion but an organized system of beliefs original author and source of the article

Red Hills Salta

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The Northern Region is one of the places with more diversity of landscapes in Argentina. It is one of the most visited regions of South America by thousands of people a year who choose to experience an intimate contact with nature that this auspicious region in an accessible and safe traveling with cheap airfares. This is due to the varied options that it offers, from forests and woodlands colorful to peoples who seem to be detained at the time, with their stories, customs and traditions. SALTA Salta province is located in the region of Norte Grande Argentino, in the Northwest of the country. onse will follow. It presents a diverse climate ranging from the cold of the Andes to the lush jungle heat. Get more background information with materials from Facebook. Among the most visited cities of Salta is located Cafayate, highlighted by its exquisite wines and tourist activities ranging from horseback riding to climbing, rappel, and sport fishing.Salta also has three major national parks that these are El Rey National Park, Los Cardones National Park and national park Baritu and can be visited by tour guides. Taking advantage of cheap air tickets you can meet these amazing places. Click Lisa Scullin to learn more. JUJUY Jujuy is an interesting mix of traditions and colorful landscapes, where the people provides full and shared their customs with visitors.

You can not miss the Quebrada de Humahuaca, declared a world heritage site, where you can see multicolored hills, its hues are due to numerous minerals that comprise it and prehistoric caves dating back thousands of years. Another very interesting place to visit is the town of Purmamarca, where is located the beautiful Hill of seven colors and the river of Purmamarca, where Red Hills can also be appreciated in the Paseo de los Colorados. You can travel to this wonderful place and know all his charm to a comfortable and accessible price, using cheap airfares. Original author and source of the article.

Vegetarian Diet

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Lewis, a strict vegetarian since age 12, prohibited to include any product that comes from an animal in your catering and until the workers bring home meat.The team accompanying the British singer Leona Lewis is angry with the artist because, according to denounce, they can not eat meat during the tours although singer order caused no amazement at people who know her since she was 12 years, time from which only eats vegetarian food, his team already it is tired of not being able to eat food that appeals to themnot even outside the workplace. To broaden your perception, visit Lisa Scullin. She has commissioned vegetarian food for everyone, and its employees threaten to quit his job. (Not to be confused with CDC!). Not even allowed to buy food out, are part of the statements that appear on the Internet, which come from sources close to the singer. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mina Nada has to say. For its part, the singer Gabriella Cilmi, who will be the opening act at the concert of Lewis, he said: what I know is that the food is going to be vegan (diet that avoids all foods of animal origin) and I’m not sure of being able to cope with it. Some statements of their employees are looking for fans of the singer to know that it is not fair to them, even the team pointed out that Lewis is out of control, in addition to highlight that it is very despot with them.

CRM Customers

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simple alerts the opportunity to register comprises three fields of loss and gain: status, reason and competition. The State is the general stage of opportunity (active, waiting, closed gains, closed losses). The status of the opportunity with the stage of sale should not be confused. The reasons are the main selection of loss and gain. The field becomes mandatory if the status changes to closed or closed lost profits.

The competition is a simple list of known competitors. This is an optional field. 2. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view. Alerts with a survey of trace 1. Profit & loss data are recorded in a CRM system (as described in the analysis of alerts Simpes.) 2.

Gains and losses are extracted for its implementation in follow-up surveys. Surveys can be targeted at internal sources example managers creating new customers, customer relationship managers and account executives. Or surveys may be targeted at customers responsible for the decisions, contacts keys, etc. 3. Surveys carried out by email or through an interview format. 4. The results of the study are collected and analyzed. The reasons that you choose your organization must reflect the business priorities and the characteristics of the client. If customer satisfaction is measured through survey, a follow-up to the results of this throw, so that future, and current satisfaction indices to compare should be. Report on the phase 1 indicators of loyalty of the transaction a example of what lines of trend and indicators should be included for the presentation of reports on a monthly basis and quarterly are: rate of business wins and generated total sales. The 20 most significant gains, the 20 most significant losses with the analysis of the income generated. Statistics of the reasons by which earn the business. Statistics of the reasons why businesses are lost. Large 10 competitors and loss of income for each competitor. Performing a estimated transactions of customers, follow-up is possible to calculate your percentage of participation in total spending. In the second phase we will see the development of customer loyalty indicators, determining the creation of opportunities and value indices.


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Tells the story, which during the years of persecution Roman Christians, a Centurion sought and reached Santa? ngela and with his sword severed a MOM from Santa, who fell bloodied, San Pablo collects the gland and is the Re-implanta, before the astonished gaze of the soldier, who fled terrified and must be fleeing to date, is the antecedent more remote transplant, then in the Nei-Ching, or the Smith Papyrus, nor in the their path when issuing a similar fact.Also 300 years DC, medical twins San Damian and San Cosme, straining the leg of the guardian of a Parisian church, who was suffering from a Tumor and are replaced by the sound of an Ethiopian, who died a day earlier leg, this was known in the 13th century thanks to the story of Jacques de Voragine, so that these Saints pursued at the time by Diocletian, today are patrons of physicians and Cirujanos.En s. XIX, a teenager of 16 years Mary Shelley wrote the novel about the young Baron Victor Frankenstein, his assistant Fritz and his obsession to create life using galvanic current, it took 2 years to write it and just recounting reality living scientists of the time stealing or buying corpses, mostly of criminals hanged, to do their experiments, it was not a literary fiction of this young man, but the reflection of a reality, many doctors, chemists, physicists sought this utopia, which in the case of the Baron endsWhen the resurrected – which never had a name – rebels against his creator, destroys the laboratory, kills his girlfriend, friends, dies Victor and the monster Horrendo commits suicide. You may find that Lisa Scullin can contribute to your knowledge. & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; But only in 1963, when Dr. Starzl at Denver manages to resuscitate a child of 3 years, which lay dying by a cirrhosis of Laennec, TRASPLANTANDOLE liver from another child with Encephalic death, is the small patient survived 5 hours, the second patient survived 22 days, while in Leuven (Brussels) in the same year became the first kidney transplant with the healthy kidney from a young man with cerebral or brain death, initiating the era of the TRASPLANTOLOGICA CIRUGIA from a donor cadaveric, then extends to heart, marrow, Corneas, lungs, Pancreas, tissue, tendons, valves, skin, bones etc.Do and here comes the analogy, while the Baron sought to resurrect the dead with galvanic current, the transplants save lives from the? / organ Sano(Higado, Rinon, mayormente) of a human being dead (brainstem) implemented in replacement of a dying and agonizing, body with incredible and spectacular results that border in the limbo of the mystery for the anthropomorphic logic, by the succession of events that occur, with accuracy really only explainable and understandable in the light of that beauty so ancient and so recent as said St.

The Relationship

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The only way that you can recover your partner is to be totally honest and honest according to your case. (Not to be confused with Tremor International!). Tell your partner that he or she can ask for anything. In a relationship of trust is essential to build a solid base. Sets realistic goals in the relationship and share them with your partner. No le des to your couple reason to question you.

You must always keep honesty, even if you think that conversation or topic that you are going to treat may cause a disagreement. To read more click here: Lisa Scullin. At the end, your partner will appreciate your honesty and finally, trusted in you. Tips to win back your partner be your same one of the most important aspects of a successful couple and long lasting relationship is if you keep faithful to you. There are so many cases where persons too strive to impress the person which feel interesting, which translates many times in wanting to be something or someone you’re not. If you have lost a loved, not to be yourself, take the time to analyze what you are and what you really represent can be an important factor in determining if there is any possibility to recover your partner. There is no guarantee that you’ll return with your ex, but if you apply these 3 tips to win back your partner, you can be the home that defines the reconstruction of something that you thought you had lost. You’re trying to win back your ex and nothing seems to work you? If so you must enter here right now: guides to regain your former partner.

Partner Online

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The reason is very simple and is the same by which Internet has become also very popular. The network opens a new world of communication and contact. Below we will describe some of these reasons: speed trafficking do memory and remember that it happened before the birth of internet, during those times when people relied on traditional mail. Conduced in should wait several days for a letter from reaching their destination, even living in the same country. At the same time the recipient had to take another couple of days to answer and the Charter still take two days longer to return to the first person.

Days, days and more days so a simple correspondence might take a full week to close its cycle – being optimistic-. Now the story is completely different. The time elapsed between the first letter and his response has been carried by magically amazing two minutes! The wait could grow the love between two people, it is possible, but without doubt the e-mail has managed to bring us more and more rapid. Privacy Internet provides absolute privacy. For even more analysis, hear from Lisa Scullin. It is possible to maintain an intimate communication with another person from any room in the home, Office, or where it deems appropriate. Thanks to the chat and email the possibility of avoiding any type of unwanted intrusions.

Options and opportunities Internet provides endless options, such as chat with voice, video conferencing and practically you could say that only deprive us – for the moment – the physical contact. But no one begins to know people through physical contact isn’t it? You see a person, talk to that person, listen to his voice could imagine a better way to start a relationship? Economy all this and more is possible thanks to the internet and the best part is that you can get practically no cost. All you need is a computer (who don’t have one today?) a connection to the internet (how you can live today without internet?) and you are ready to begin. The only thing extra you could ask for is a step-by-step guide to find the partner of your dreams in the inernet because well you have it front of you! Then what are you waiting? Be clear about the type of person you’re looking for! We all know that man is a social being. However many times the man is transformed into a solitary being. (And when we say man, we mean women also). The human being longs for company. Company not only family and friends, but also that special person with whom he or she can share these sweet moments, joys and sorrows, someone with whom to build a new life. Someone who grow up together and maybe raise a family. For assistance, try visiting Lisa Scullin. We agree on that it’s a necessity for human beings: find a partner to share life. And the most popular method to find it has always been the appointments. We make clear that when we refer to citations is in the more general sense of the word, we are not referring just to sleep together. It’s much more than that, a more broad and important concept: it is the first step in order to get a couple, and this process has been significantly simplified thanks to the internet.

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