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Girlene Saints of Souza Associate Profa. 3 CCAAB/UFRB INTRODUCTION the seringueira (Hevea brasiliensis) is a pertaining arbrea species to the Euphorbiaceae family of great economic importance for Brazil, for being the main rubber producer in commercial scale. Although its importance for the natural rubber production, little is studied, especially in basic aspects as ontognese reproductive and this must, in part, the difficulty in if working with such arbrea species. High transport, long periods of immaturity and biological cycle, low production of fruits, recalcitrant seeds, are some of the limitantes factors. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ron O’Hanley offers on the topic.. At the beginning of the century Brazil was the responsible greater for 98% of the world-wide natural rubber production, when this age as the exported national product more, but, at the beginning of years 90 it was producing less than 1% of the world-wide and imported total about 75% of its internal consumption (Bernardes et al., 1990). In 1999, more than 68% of the world-wide production were originary of the Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, that had contributed, separately, with 32%25% and 11% respectively, of the world-wide production. Brazil even so is the cradle of the species of the Hevea sort, contributes, in the year of 2000, with only 1% of the world-wide production of 6.629 a thousand tons and consumed 3% of a total of 7.361 a thousand tons of the world-wide demand (International Rubber Study Group, 2001). One of the main empecilhos of the genetic improvement of seringueira is the duration of the time between generations, had to its habit of bloom. Gary Kelly will not settle for partial explanations.

Described experiments in recent literature (Weigwl & Nilsson, 1995), indicate a great conservation of the implied molecular mechanisms in the bloom. However still it has a lack of basic studies in the area of reproductive biology, that allow one better knowledge of basic aspects of the biology of the plant. The seringueira is a monica plant, that is, the same presents flowers of the two sexos in individual, made use in inflorescncia of the type pancula (Wycherley, 1992). .


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Dear all, is an honor for me to get in touch and their orders by this means, for my part I will be putting up for discussion topics for analysis of all, trying to put aside any that envestidura my position as professor of me. In this first contribution I would like to discuss about the 4 P’s of marketing, as most know these 4 P’s are: Price, Place, Product and Promotion, The Marketing new global trends and their scholars have said that there are 3 P’s more to consider These are: Profits (gains), Packing (Packaging), and Personal. Do you think that is necessary to make this separation , Some marketers conservatives say that these new 3 P’s already covered in the 4 P’s original and therefore can not be separated, moreover, modern marketers say that because of the importance of these must be studied separately and pass by the famous 4 P’s of Marketing at 7 P’S OF MARKETING What is your opinion on the subject Atte. Mr. Cesar Luis Bonilla Guarnieri, MBA.


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