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Jewelry Selection

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Of course, in that in both cases require different types of jewelry, but You can be sure that it is perfect for together and enhance the perception of women from other people. Proper selection of accessories – this is something that should be able to make every woman. If you can pick up accessories to your clothes, you can look beautiful in any setting, regardless of what kind of clothes you are wearing. If you first go to buy jewelry and want to do everything right – buy beautiful and appropriate to your decorating, you should remember the following rules to follow: When you buy jewelry you can buy the full package – this means to buy earrings, bracelets, and in addition to the ring and necklace. But remember that you should not wear them together, if you are invited to some important event.

You'll look ugly, but other than that it is a sign of bad taste. In your kit must necessarily be one great decoration, for example, a ring or bracelet, and all others should be small. No need to combine the purchase of jewelry from decorative materials with ornaments of gold and other precious metals. If you wear them, then surrounding the gold jewelry will be perceived as an ordinary costume jewelry. You should not wear jewelry, which differ from each other flowers. Ideally, your attire should be dominated by one color of decorations. Select it and you can safely go to the celebration – you'll look stylish and beautiful.

If you are a slender girl, then you should not wear jewelry with large stones. To you it will look gaudy. If you are a woman with curvaceous, similar jewelry perfectly suited to you, and in addition will reduce the size. When buying jewelry should not rush to cheap jewelry. You should wear good jewelry in all senses of the word. Following this uncomplicated rules, you even with a small budget can buy decorations that will make you irresistible to any celebration.


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To do this select list of sites icon ‘Edit’ and enter the HTML-code link (URL and the text links) that you want to advertise. In general – it all then periodically look in this section to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and the degree of indexed your site. The presence of your purchased links to sites you do not have to worry about – its presence is automatically checked by the service. If necessary, you can stop the placement of links and cancel unspent funds. Do it if a week or two no effect on a link there, that is, it is not indexed. Yeah, want to note all links bought on month, when approaching the finish date you be sent a letter proposing the extension.

Effectiveness of this method of promotion (ie, with regard to raising your site’s search engine rankings, increased pr and IC) will become a self-evident only after some time, not less than a month, buy, respectively, preferably at least a dozen links with pr greater than or equal to 4. Well, except that you can get direct interested visitors to these sites, but as you can imagine, this is not the main purpose of this service. But too bad What else do I want to say? In addition to posting links to ‘face’ sites, you can book accommodation and on the inside pages, as well as add on sites feature articles. Now, let’s move on to my second point – make money with this service. Going into account, take a look at the menu owner of the site. ” There you can add one or more of its resources.

After moderating their accessibility sites appear in the list of proposed advertising sites. The price of the accommodation options you, of course, define yourself, but do not overdo it, and try to offer prices at the level of its competitors. By the way, to estimate the size You will be able to charge a fee directly to your account (ssylochku up ‘price of the resource’). Price depends on the popularity of your website and indexed in major search engines, in particular of course from the quantities of ic and pr. If your site level of these variables is noticeable – you can count on the high cost of each posting you reference. For example, pr = 5 – it was about $ 5 a month per link. By the way, how many links to place on your site, and how they will located, depends only on you and your site design. Have newfound links You can either manually, upon making a purchase (you will receive notification of the purchase of emeyl), or automatically, depending on the what technologies are supported by your hosting (PHP, xml, ASP). All these bells and whistles are in the ‘owner of the site’ in your list of connected sites (reference ‘Script / html code’). In addition to the main page, as mentioned above, you can sell the accommodation options and the second page of sites. Earned money you can spend on advertising their own sites, or to withdraw through payment systems Web-Money, Yandex-money or RUpay. The conclusion is made in automatically, without any delay. On the Web-Money and Yandex-money at least for the withdrawal of $ 5, through RUpay minimum at the conclusion no. The service there is also an affiliate program – you will be paid a percentage of earnings are logged on Webmasters your link + dop.bonusy if you can attract very ‘fat’ sites (with high pr and IC).

Thematic Resources

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Probably each of us almost all the answers: see the section entitled "Links." Clearly, the question arises – what is all this necessary? This professional will answer that question easily. It is necessary to increase the number of visitors to the site, to raise the rating of the resource and to promote it in search engines. Such well-known search engines like Google and Yandex, constantly struggling with search engine spam. Now they not take into account links that ordinary users are left in the diaries, blogs and forums. Work only reference that puts the site owner.

How can you get to your resource such a link, which can attract people to him from the search systems? There are two main ways – exchange or buy links. Since buying links is quite expensive, talk about a link exchange. The best option – free link exchange with thematic resources. When a person passes on a link, he knows what it is about your site. He is interested in topics of your site. It is possible that it will become your constant visitor.

But we must be prepared for the fact that such transitions will be very small, only 4 – 5 per day. But, most importantly, in the eyes of search engines trust your site will rise, because references to it are the "sites – co-workers." Does your site go up measures such as TIC, PR, etc. If you sure that both site owners sharing the benefits, costs to pick up ground. To do this, there is a system. What must be remembered? The main selection criterion is, as mentioned above, thematically site – partner. Pay attention to its current performance. Choose to share those sites that have visitors, TIC and PR is about the same as you. These sites can be found by search engines, but you can just go to the right Section of the catalog and you write all the webmasters of sites that are registered in the same section where registered your resource. The greatest confidence in the search engines are sites registered in the ODP (DMOZ) and Yandex. C such sites is to exchange links first. Remember that all people are different. Sometimes there are dishonest webmasters that can "close" link to your site from search engines. Sometimes do follows. First, have your reference, where necessary, and after a while it is removed. If you have organized exchange links, you have to constantly monitor the on-site if they do. If you have organized link exchange free with only a dozen sites, it is not difficult to check every few days manually. If the link is much more difficult to do this already. In such cases, typically used in automated programs. If you want to options to improve your site, get to it users, to increase the credibility of the search engines – Organize exchange links!

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