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Pruning Hedges

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Plants have to be pruned from its early years: is indispensable so that the lower part of the hedge is well garrisoned. The purpose of pruning is simple: plants will then branch to the maximum, even at ground level, forming a good thick hedge. Adult hedges also should be pruned regularly. A gappy plantation will have enough with one session per year, but a compact training will need to keep very carefully, at a rate of two times a year.Multiple pruning espesaran the hedge. Dense hedges form true walls that prevent the looks. They should be ideally compose of tapered bushes: a sharp head will pass enough sun for the sheets below, which may develop as well as the above. Fast-growing bushes as hornbeam, beech, henna and the name is can prune at will, because they grow throughout the year. The coniferous poden preferably in the month of June.

Its spring growth finished, they faster scarring. (Rosales) spaced planting hedges have one goal more for decoration than protection. Your pruning is carried out individually, according to the method that is appropriate to each of the plants. There are many species that can compose such hedges, so we will give them some general rules. Species that bloom on old wood (to less than one year), should be pruned after flowering forsythia (syringe). Those whose young shoots bear (rosales) flowers are best pruned in winter. If your shrubs carry decorative fruit, wait for that they have been damaged. If your hedge picks up too much volume, February and March will be the ideal months of pruning. First cut the fat branches with pruning shears, and then cut the body of the hedge with shears. To obtain a good horizontal line, use a rope stretched to the desired height.

Not Fracases

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