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Catholic, Evanglica, Jainista, Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Esprita and as much other great and famous religions of the world. But you know which my religion? In my religion Jesus Christ it is not money symbol for church. In my religion, God is not in church, whichever. In my religion, God lives in freedom for the mind of each one. if we are all brothers, children of God, why ' ' Santa&#039 land; ' it only can be of one? In my religion, Buddha lives in permanent nirvana of the Buddhists with jainistas. In my religion violent conflicts for cultural reasons they do not exist. In my Maom religion it hugs Sunita and Xiita.

They commemorate together, happy parties, leaving its differences of side. They perceive that they are, above all, beings of the same species and they had only been formed by different dogmas. In my religion Allan Kardec it shows the book of the espritos for all. All respect. Soon they appear Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna with the Snscrito in hands. Allan Kardec accepted it. The espritos if transform into one. The spirit of the union. Ah! Wants to know which my religion? My religion is that one where all the adepts fight for the peace, social equality and respect to all the cultures in the world. Knows which my religion? NONE!

Vixens Government

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That way a piggy left Huayatan that also came out in its defense, but in its mind tapeworm the intentions to handle it, since its aspiration was to have everything a porquerizo plenty of chanchitas, only for. He was lujurioso, but also most capable. Until chanza had occurred to deceive to him the fox that lived by cahuides. As it counted on the consent of lambs, finally named in the electoral committee the deer. Arrival the elections, the candidates offered gold the Moor; some offered grass for all the year, that would be made them arrive at its same house, so that they do not have to walk until the small farms to gather it or to eat it, reason why were avoided wearing away its feet and their hooves. Another candidate offered to make underneath Chucorampi the greatest cave so that at times of rains all take refuge and cold frosts do not have cold in them either. The candidate who was made happen as the friend of all announced that if they gave the government him of the town would give hot water every day them so that they do not resfren themselves in the frosts of invier to us.

And thus of the sort, all the candidates tried to improve their presentation; if until fox, that is the most astute animal and thief, who had been hurled of the town for being thief altogether with his brothers, had returned very orondo to the town and tried to be government of the community. But they did not tell that the piggy, already had itself advanced and it had like spokesman and head of campaign to the deer that by the way had been favored by the vixens in many thieveries, but that betrayed now them by to him to have offered more money their new protector. Another candidate went by all the region distributing grass and salt, and giving better forage to the animal but to tier to us, with the promise that in the main celebrations he would consider to give them to many flatteries and gifts to them.

Starting a Business

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Do not forget to follow in each article and one by one after the other will be. There will always be business if someone is willing to pay money for purchase, use, lease, contract, etc. our product or service and pay the more money the better. A business is based on profit, not having many customers, revenues, users, transactions, billing, visitors, page views, etc.. It is that revenues are greater than spending, how much sooner the better, and how older the better. Considerations Before starting your business on the Web 1. Take into account the costs of providing information and services that their customers can find themselves on the Internet.

2. Determine what additional information or services could provide to their customers. 3. Think about how you can use the customer information current to facilitate continue doing business with you. 4.

Identify ways to help their customers ‘online’ using existing resources at its plant employees. 5. Identify ways in which customers can help each other. 6. Consider a competitive disadvantage if their competitors offer products, services and information before you do. 7. Think about ways to improve re-thinking their business value chains. 8. Explore new ways to generate profits by increasing sales by attracting new customers to its website. 9. Develop ideas for new products or re-packaging information in order to attract new customers or create new business opportunities on its website. . More info: Case Foundation.

Japan Countries

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As to include if it has constituted the biggest concern of parents, studious professors and, considering that the inclusion alone will be accomplished to occur structural transformations in the educational system. ' ' The inclusive education is an education directed of all toward todos' ' (FIGUEOREDO, P. 37), it was a landmark inside of the education, but if really to want the success of this work, we must really face this as a great challenge, therefore inside of this system in such a way the family how much the professor both depend one on the other, and we know as they happen in many cases that in the end this finishes highly being rewarding. To understand this system of the inclusive education is necessary to understand some aspects compose that it, first must be made the attendance to the carrying students of necessities special in the neighborhood, to take care of and to propitiate to the professors of the regular classroom a support technician, to perceive that the children can learn meetings, having even so objective and different processes, to indicate what it must be established, or that creative forms of performance with the carrying children of deficiency, in which they must be made. This same education always demonstrated to be a strong factor, in the countries that had almost been the zero, countries that total had been destroyed, these investments in the education, had been of total significance, countries as Japan, Germany and Italy, had suffered the horrors from the war. Our country is a privileged state, does not suffer with the war, what we must it is to perfect with the inclusive education. Inside of the inclusive education, we must take in account the factor most important enters the layers of the education, when dealing with pupils special the professor will be with perhaps taken children, exaltadas, imperative, and this professional must be prepared for this type of situation, and the respect I lend will make all difference at these moments.

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