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Structure From the structural viewpoint, the key is “conversion” of Guzman in the last chapter of the book, then definitely on narrative and moral planes of their merger, as well as the Rogue and Guzman Guzmanillo moral philosopher. Now with the misadventures was beginning to see the light of those who follow virtue … . From where I came to consider and one night I told myself to myself: “See here, Guzman, the summit of the mountain of misery, where you upload your clumsy sensuality Already up and take a leap into the depths of hell or easily, raising his arm, reach the sky. … Go back and look at that, although it is true your sins have brought you here, put these penalties in place that you are of fruit. … In this speech and others that were born of him, spent much time in the evening, not a few tears, I fell asleep and when I remembered, I found myself other, not me or with that old heart than before. ” Guzman Alfarache II, III, 8 Although as needed to end the book, there are elements that cast doubt on the sincerity of this conversion, the fact is that from now on the few remaining Guzman travels only be object (not subject) of thefts and help uncover professional acts of others. Somehow, the rogue is dead and with it, the story.Despite promises that a third party, if it exists (we have not reached such) only have two possibilities: the new relapse to continue with the engine of progress in history (fall and purposes of amendment, which seeks more than moral commentary put the whole episode as exemplum ex otherwise) or conversion into hagiography (the author wrote a Life of San Antonio de Padua), with one example Guzman relieved and now I beatific. Engraving of the 1681 Antwerp ion, pp. 201. It has been commented on extensively the paradoxical duality of adult-Guzman implacable moralist, and the rogue, which channels Guzmanillo a life of crime, “and the contradiction of these two consciousnesses in the person of the narrator. However, in the seventeenth century may digress posed by moral commentary posed no hindrance to the enjoyment of reading, even at European level. The sheer number of reissues of the book confirms this.Not until the eighteenth century, when the novel begins to have the exclusive entertainment of fiction, published a French translation Lesage (1732) ‘purged of superfluous moralities “ing approach continued until the mid-twentieth century, that the re-ed Guzman in its original form. In short the book, as Matthew German designed it, is an ambitious mixture of narrative and didactic materials.Among the former are not only the rogue’s personal trajectory but involving various stories and anecdotes facecias popular (the “fables” according to the statement in the foreword to “The discreet reader” of the work: “Do as you read what read and do not laugh of the board and you pass the board ‘), among which include the novel Moorish History of Ozm n and Daraja’ in relation to the didactic material, are moralizing admonitions (the “Governing ‘), which include all kinds of digressions critical, satirical or moral reflections as ranging from the genre of sermon oratory or sacred to the maximum sentence. Points, also from the preliminary intentions, appeal to you, a recipient of the message reader training but also complicit in the adventures of the rogue, which influences the whole structure and contributes to the enhancement of moral purpose.A “curious reader” who goes in the very first chapter of the work that remains to narratee throughout it. Even talks with him about the very status of the literary work: “I warn you, to let me or you arm yourself with patience” (I, I, 2), “I tell you preach and what a fool cured with medical illness'(II, I, 1). Sometimes this use of the second person responds to the unfolding of the narrator’s voice Guzman, speaking to himself as an inner dialogue, it appeals to reflectively. Thus, both the “I” as the “you” take multipurpose functions. It should be noted that the influence was the emergence in 1602 of Juan Guzman apocryphal Marti, hidden under the pseudonym of Matthew Luxan de Saavedra.German Mateo introduced on the cover of the second part the addition of ‘by Matthew German, its real author “and made it appear from the beginning of his work from 1604 to a certain Sayavedra in order to give accomplished revenge. In this character he branded as “stingy and bajamanero ladroncillo” and just going mad and drowning in the course of a sea crossing without the slightest Guzman feel sorry for him.

Have you ever

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Have you ever thought about what you need to be alive Our body uses energy to live and needs to breathe, eat and get rid of some substances. In addition, being alive also means that we can grow and bear children. This is what we call the processes of life. The cell is alive because it is also these processes occur. Inside the cells many chemical reactions take place that allow them to grow, produce energy and eliminate waste. The cell gets energy from their food and eliminating the substances no longer required. Responds to changes occurring in the environment and can reproduce by dividing and forming daughter cells. Therefore, the cell is alive. In the cell there are several important structures: the cell membrane or plasma, the nucleus and cytoplasm. Imagine an egg, the shell could remind the cell membrane, the white and yolk to the cytoplasm to the nucleus. The cell membrane or plasma is the cover that surrounds the cell and protects it from the outside environment. This membrane lets only certain substances into the cell, such as water, oxygen, or food. The cell membrane also controls what can go outside as waste materials and some products produced by the cell. The cell membrane is like a filter! The cytoplasm takes up most of the interior of the cell, is part of the cell located between the membrane and the nucleus. The cytoplasm is a clear substance and a little sticky. It has a gelatinous appearance and is formed mainly by water and protein. Within the cytoplasm there are other structures, called organelles, that are responsible for conducting activities necessary for the functioning of the cell. The core is inside the cytoplasm and its shape is more or less rounded. The core functions as a control tower that directs and orders everything that happens inside the cell, is “your brain.” Inside there is a substance, the genetic material contains all the information necessary for cell function, as planes with instructions that are written in the characteristics and modus operandi of each cell. This information directs the activity of the cell and ensure the reproduction and the passing of their own characteristics to their offspring. The core is surrounded by a cover which separates the cytoplasm, the nuclear membrane. For within the cell to carry out all life processes there are a series of special structures such as small bodies, which called organelles. Are organelles in the cytoplasm.Each organelle is responsible for carrying out a different function such as producing, transporting or eliminate substances, or energy. Mitochondria, vacuoles, lysosomes, Golgi apparatus, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum and smooth endoplasmic reticulum are ribosomes. Ribosomes are rounded and are small factories that produce proteins.

Kostas Vasiliedadis

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j ugador professional basketball in the Greek league debut in 2000 in the ranks of PAOK BC .He joined the Unicaja Malaga in 2006 during the playoff for the title, where he debuted in the quarter-final tie against Estudiantes .His natural position is power forward and measures 2’00 meters has been capped at the lower levels of the Greek. After passing through the Unicaja, signed for Olympiakos. In the 2008/09 season is on loan to PAOK Thessaloniki, where it ends as a 3rd scorer in the Greek league with an average of 15 points.On August 8, 2009 statement by the newly promoted team of ACB, Xacobeo Blu: Sens de Santiago de Compostela.

Science Education In Kindergarten

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Children today do not know much about the environment and environmental awareness. In kindergarten is indeed paid attention to waste separation and energy, but the children do not get this with conscious. In addition, they have the background to why we do this, not clear. They take everything out the way it is and question little. It is therefore important to bring the children to become interested in nature and its surroundings and that they do not all take for granted. The children throw their yogurt cups while in the yellow trash can, but why should they do that, they do not know. To promote environmental awareness among the children, it is important that children understand their world. Here, science education is important. When the children understand, such as the water cycle works, they will also realize that it is not good, if water can be dirty or wasted. The issue of “global warming” can be brought even closer to the children, by clarifying what happens when ice melts. This creates a lot of water and possibly will alsoFlooded land or the animals that live on the ice, have no longer a suitable habitat. The children are tomorrow’s adults. It is important to give them a sense of responsibility for their environment, so that they continue to sustain life on earth. Various tests and experiments for kids at:

Mallorca – Two Faces

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Mallorca has evolved over the past 30 years has become a real tourist hot spot, with more people from around the world have the benefits of this unique island met. Thus one can speak not only of the “Island of the Germans, but the range of tourists is spread very wide. Also, one should take leave from prejudice that takes place in Mallorca just cheaper mass tourism, it is in recent years increasingly in the direction of peaceful vacation stays at posh hotels that lie along the coast. Mallorca is certainly of interest to its versatility, there are steeply sloping rocky coasts in the north, green valleys with olive groves, pine forests, almond orchards and miles of pristine sandy beaches. But the fun comes in Majorca in no case is too short, in cities such as El Arenal or Paguera can turn night into day and if you want to do without rather than German food, German beer and German sounds -, one gets filled at its expense . On the other hand, there are a number ofsmall villages and towns where time has stopped well. One can hardly believe that it is the same island. The best way to this beautiful island with a rental car to explore, which can be rented at many places throughout the island.

The Drug Budget-transfer Law

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The budgets of public health insurance for pharmaceuticals and drugs since the 01.01.2002 with the law for the relief of pharmaceuticals and drugs budget within the statutory health insurance has been abolished, which had hitherto led the expenditure on medicines, bandages and medicines for all contracted a doctors’ association submitted a spending limit. By the health department budgeting as a management tool to stabilize contribution rates for the statutory health insurance funds, replacement funds and company health insurance was introduced. For each calendar year was among the regional associations of statutory health insurance funds and associations of the compensation fund expenditure ceiling agreed upon a uniform and, together with the respective health insurance. A collective liability of the statutory health insurance has reached when the budget was exceeded. Problematic and also legally difficult to implement has been to reduce the total remuneration of the physicians health insurance in relation to the overrun of the budget. TheBudgets related to output volumes by target agreements are required to implement the health insurance under a federal framework agreement with the state associations of insurance funds, will be replaced by the drug budget transfer law. The surgeries will be determined by the health insurance each individual benchmarks during volume regulation by nationwide standards. The private health insurance advises the doctor initially in terms of economic regulation manner when it reaches the set benchmarks and exceeds the budget. In addition, individual regresses are possible within the framework of the audit. To create an incentive that the agreement on objectives will be met for a budget, in accordance with the Statutory Health Insurance Modernization a percentage of the agreed amount in the total remuneration paid to contracted agreements that do not exceed their benchmark volume, as bonuses are paid. First and foremost, the amount to be matched to information andBe advisory actions of the doctors on the quality and cost of drug supply related.

Spaetzle, Just For The “Swabian Palate”

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Is it just for Schwaben Spaetzle It’s possible to scrape, because the “spaetzle, spaetzle press or slice spaetzle” was always associated with much trouble and also get tons of skill. Can you first of all because each of these devices, the dough had to vote tig 100%, if not, there was usually a disaster. Almost every “Swabian housewife” has developed so well for your favorite device its very special way as they prepared their dough. There were housewives start at eight in the morning to beat the dough to make the dough then rest afterwards. Of course, not without, that every time when they participate in the bowl over the dough came back strongly to beat by at least 5 minutes. This allows the dough was pretty tough, and faced a lot of strength to be pressed by the spaetzle press, the result: “The best spaetzle far and wide.” Others take only mineral water instead of tap water, the carbon dioxide makes the dough loosely beautiful, the result:best spaetzle far and wide. ” In other parts of the dough again had to be rather thin, thus it can be easier to slice, the result: “The best dumplings far and wide.” With the new spaetzle miracle that is now quite different: For now it is the nature of matter as the dough is whether thick or thin, always come out delicious spaetzle below. Now anyone can make fresh delicious dumplings themselves, and it does not matter whether “Swabian blood flowing” through the veins or not. Great food and great prices at the From now on, all, regardless of whether the North or East Germany or learn to love the whole world spaetzle, spaetzle doing has never been so easy as today. The spaetzle miracle time “makes it possible.

Tips For Shining Moments – Part 1

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An important criterion for beauty and charisma have bright eyes – in earlier centuries are sprinkled the beauty of the Company Tollkirschenextrakt even in the face to attract the pupils are dilated and shone with mysterious depths. Today, we prefer to use a harmless methods. But can stress that a make-up of the beauty, spirit window, the eyes should sparkle in itself. But these days the eyes are often charged on a fee: standing staring at the screen, dry office air, exhaust fumes and the multiplicity of visual impressions of their overall toll from the eye. It is therefore time that we take a look at our eyes and give them our special attention. What can you do to make themselves and others beautiful eyes There are many possibilities. First of all for the eyes, which for the rest of the body and the soul is: they look better and more relaxed. Many people active, and staring intently out of their eyes. But one can justwell spill into the sensory impressions from the outside in eyes. What might sound like splitting hairs has very real implications: you test it a try Let yourself for a few minutes to rush to the world through the eyes. And then you look at things specifically. Compare how it feels. A little exercise that you can do every now and again when you have strained his eyes too much. Optimally, of course, if one can choose the one Einstrmenlassen Lush Green Plant or a sunny landscape. When we woke up barely able hindurchzublinzeln between the swollen eyelids, which can have several causes: lack of sleep, a celebration with plenty of alcohol and can be very salty salute treats (crisps and Co.) lead to short-term accumulation of water. A first line of defense is to a large glass of lukewarm water – no, not pouring, my face, but to drink. Some rich eye cream can also cause swollen eyelids – as only helping theChange to lighter lotions. And do not herancremen too close to the edge of the lid. An early morning first aid against Glubschauge luckily there: a gentle lymphatic drainage. This is spread from the nose and the nose gently with his fingertips over the cheekbones to the ears, then runs in the crease behind the ear down to bottom. Then you strike the side of the neck down to the clavicles, and from there to its insertion at the sternum. This is repeated a few times usually feel and see one thing you have, such as the swelling subsides. With a few handful of hot and cold water, which are spilling their faces, it stimulates the blood circulation and lymph flow in addition to – and the rapid temperature change also makes merry tired sleepy heads. In addition to such relatively harmless swelling but there are also those who have more serious causes: Many allergies also attack the eyes, such as hay fever or dust mite allergy, and a weakened kidney function may also herald of eye puffiness. WhoSo often suffers big eyes, should be thoroughly examined.

Nymphomaniac – From When

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“Nymphomania,” the other word for sex addiction, has a purely female character. Actually, unjust, because it affected more men than women in this insatiable craving for sex. For the male obsessive hunt for the frequent Zweisame tumult in the sheets – or wherever it pleases – there is another, far less well-known concept of “Don Juan complex” or “satyriasis. But from what we talk about nymphomania The difference between a sex addict and “normal” women are constantly looking for nymphomaniac sexual satisfaction, but they rarely attain. The search for a partner who gives them the performance in bed, determined her life. You are about to experience is not usually capable of orgasms. Inner connection to their partners is of nymphomaniac women are often not built up. Do not meet the lover of the hoped-erotic anticipation, the connection is broken, then soon to go into a new one. Women, however, the only actively take the initiative to find partners, value in manyLaying sexual experience to come to orgasm, however, and thus are capable of sexual gratification, but often live with the reputation of being a nymphomaniac or even “bitch” cursed, but definitely not sex-crazed but from a medical perspective, perfectly healthy. Male womanizer but did not get to experience until the suspicion of being a sex addict, schulterklopfend be accepted or even admired by their friends. The cause is psychological nature has massively increased sex drive, according to experts, no specific cause. Several psychological and emotional factors influence here. The social environment, predisposition, but mainly negative childhood experiences such as abuse, a low self-esteem or disturbed emotional relationships could have led to a gradually evolving sex addiction. The addictive behavior increases slowly and may have an impact over a long period harmful to the health and personality of the person or persons concerned. Of the increased riskwith sex or infect other infectious diseases, not to mention. Not infrequently, was among the sexaholic also encapsulation of the environment are observed despite frequent sexual contacts. Is sex addiction cured While in the last century masturbating wedlock or traffic Women who already as nymphomaniacs, and affixing them to the genitalia treated with ice packs laid or leeches, or at worst, they surgically removed the clitoris and ovaries, it now moved away from the view of sex addiction may have organic causes. As the only effective means against the sick and obsessive desire for sexual gratification is considered a long-term psychotherapy. These are processed including the childhood, puberty and sexual history. Any abuse experiences are carefully discussed and an attempt made to dismantle the self-esteem and complexes. The sex-crazed learn to deal with and therefore their fellow human beings. Conclusion The diagnosis nymphomaniac “and” sex addict “hangsSo rather than the frequency of the love affair remains, but by whether we feel this satisfaction or a continuously seeker.

To A Certain Extent As A Single Life Is Okay!

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People in fixed relationship to the life as a single hard to imagine, while others are quite good and envy those who are single as it is today in many of the case. But singles are actually satisfied with their situation Right away you can be difficult to give a clear answer. Fact is, in any case that one is guilty as anyone a single account, when one actually does what and why. This applies to a variety of factors. Starting in the morning when you go to work, one will be asked by anyone, when you come home at night. At work, no partner is contacted by telephone for any reason whatsoever. If you then a little later from work, then you need not have a guilty conscience that you have to expect a long time for dinner. If you want to go out, then you have to make do not think about whether you’re with your partner goes to dinner, a movie ticket or swinging on the dance floor. It simply grabs his things and moved into the Getmel nightlife, meet with friends orhas one or another date. It must be easy to anyone notice, because it is just a single. But then at some point you find yourself in a situation where you really are all alone, starting with an evening walk with views of the sunset while listening to a dreamy music or watching a romantic love story, then you have the question arises whether as a single one is really happy. And the more one grows older and experienced a similar situation, the more you realize that one with partners but this may well be better to go, if only because the man to be alone is not made easy!

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